Under this category, you will find a select variety of the most effective and sold gels in the market to help reduce adipose tissue, which act on abdominal fat reducing waist volume and achieving a flat stomach and firmer skin.

You will also find gels to help fight cellulite, activating blood circulation through the stimulation of cold and heat.


Bajo esta categoría, usted va a encontrar una selecta variedad de las geles más efectivas y vendidas en el mercado para ayudar a reducir tejido adiposo, que actúan sobre la grasa abdominal reduciendo el volumen de cintura y consiguiendo un vientre plano y una piel más firme.

Encontraras también geles para ayudar a combatir la celulitis, activando la circulación sanguínea mediante el estímulo de frio y calor.

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Alga Cafe Gel Goldline


Treatment for adiposity, flaccidity and cellulite

Mask that fights cellulite, metabolizes lipids, reduces water retention and provides rest to the legs by activating the micro circulation.

Anti-Cellulite Extracts Gel By Goldine



Ideal Complement for All Types of Massages, Prevents and Reduces Cellulite, Reduces Measures, Stimulates Blood Circulation, Has A Draining and Decongestant Effect. Daily Use for Prevention and Correction of Cellulite.

Body Scrub Gel By Goldine


Body Scrub Gel By Goldine

Prepares the skin to receive the benefits of aesthetic treatments, removes dead cells and impurities, activates the microcirculation, improves the oxygenation of the skin and softens it.

Cacao Spa gel By Goldine


Cacao Spa By Goldine

Energizing, Relaxing, Moisturizing, Nourishing, Toning, Anti-Stress. Ideal for Spa Processes or For Daily Use.

Electrolytic Gel By Goldine


Electrolyte Gel By Goldine

To Be Used With Or Without Aesthetic Equipment, It Is An Excellent Decongestant, Body Moisturizer, Anti-Edematous, Ideal In Post-Microdermabrasion, Post-Waxing, Post-Operative Processes, Among Others.

Gel Lipoblue Advance Powerful Reducing Gel


The Slimming Gel of Lipoblue Advance is a powerful gel, which will help you to eliminate localized fat. It is the perfect complement for those who are also consuming Lipoblue, Lipoblue Advance or the burner of your choice.

It will help you to firm and tone the skin and muscles, giving a better appearance and texture.

Gel Sauna “Hot Gel” Goldine


GOLDINE GEL SAUNA HOT is a thermal gel specially formulated to reduce accumulations of localized fat, its ingredients generate heat effect in the treated area facilitating perspiration, causing the body to eliminate fat deposits.

Gel Xtreme Liquid Gel


GEL XTREME It is the only Liquid Fat Burner specialized for men and women, which efficiently fights localized fat in the most difficult areas of the body. Acts without the need of Diet and Exercise Thanks to its essential ingredients of double action they manage to eliminate fat, tone the body and help to reinforce the drainage of the fat to be eliminated.

lipoblue Gel


Rapid action reducing gel that concentrates several natural ingredients such as the properties of seaweed extract and green tea, which support the detoxification of the body to facilitate the removal of localized fat.

Principios Activos: 

Algas Marinas, Te verde, yodo blanco, forskolina.

Reaffirming Gel By Goldine



Restores body tissues, ideal for cold body wrap, tightens the skin, reduces cellulite, can be used as occlusive seal in a treatment, product of daily use.