Redushaper are elaborate garments for daily use and maximize exercise routines. Gama Alta Redushapers help to stylize your figure in a faster way, through the sweating of the body. The Redushapers are made of a composite material called polyester neoprene. This material helps to increase body heat and thus be able to burn fat faster than usual.


Redushaper son prendas elaboradas para el uso diario y maximizar las rutinas de ejercicios. Gama Alta Redushapers ayudan a estilizar tu figura de una forma más rápida, a través de la sudoración del cuerpo. Los Redushapers están elaborados en un material compuesto llamado polyester neopreno este material ayuda aumentar el calor corporal y así poder quemar grasas más rápido de lo habitual.

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Smart Sweat Redu Shaper For Women


Redushaper the sauna shirt will make you sweat a lot, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your physical endurance, detoxify your immune system and increase flexibility, thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.