ARMESSO, is a company based in Colombia with more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetic, aesthetic and pharmaceutical sector.

Manufactures mesotherapy products for professional use. Products used as firming, facial and body nutrition, in addition to specific products to tone the skin and reduce sizes and measures.


ARMESSO, es una compañía basada en Colombia con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector cosmético, estético y farmacéutico.

Fabrica productos de mesoterapia de uso profesional, utilizados como reafirmantes, nutrición facial y corporal, además de productos específicos para tonificar la piel y reducir tallas y medidas.

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+Plendor UP & Gluteox Brazilian Buttocks Lift


+Plendor Up By Dermclar & Gluteox By Armesso is a perfect and effective combination of two excellent products that will show off your spectacular buttocks. Using these two products, you will get elevation, firmness, size, figure and contour.

Age Factor By Armesso


Age Factor improves the appearance of the skin making it look more attractive. A regenerating product promotes the formation and repairs of the Extracellular Matrix.

Anti Cellulite Kit By Armesso


ANTI-CELLULITE KIT. A combination of the most powerful Mesotherapy treatments to combat cellulite, firm your skin and shape your silhouette. Selulit * Asiatic Centella * Artichoke Plus indicated for cellulite treatments that allows the professional to use it according to the pathologies of each patient.

Asian Centella By Armesso


The Asian Centella Solution is a specialized treatment to combat cellulitis phase I and II, edematous cellulitis, scars, stretch marks, varicocele, and circulatory problems. 

Biodespigmentant X350 By Armesso


The bio-depigmentant X350 is an excellent combination that inhibit the formation of melanin avoiding the appearance of blemishes and lightening the existing ones.