An extensive selection of the best mesotherapy products that will help you shape your figure, burn fat and reaffirm your body.

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+Plendor UP & Gluteox Brazilian Buttocks Lift

$197.00 $178.00

+Plendor Up By Dermclar & Gluteox By Armesso is a perfect and effective combination of two excellent products that will show off your spectacular buttocks. Using these two products, you will get elevation, firmness, size, figure and contour.

AM. Gluteox


GLUTEOX By Armesso is a powerful treatment of tensioactive action against body flaccidity and especially the gluteus.

Ampelopsin 1% By Dermclar


Ampelopsin By Dermclar Aesthetic Solution It is an ideal product in the treatment and prevention of cellulite and also in the treatment of generalized and localized fat reduction.

ANTIOB Vaccine Anti Obesity By Nacional Stetic


ANTIOB Vaccine By Nacional Stetic  is a product used to reduce fat and body weight. A serum provides specific amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals that allow correcting the metabolism to help lose weight.


Artichoke & Caffeine Reductive Treatment

$150.00 $127.00

Artichoke and Caffeine by Dermclar is a perfect and balanced combination of two excellent products to eliminate the rebellious and localized fat.Combining these products in a single treatment will eliminate that localized fat in less time, managing to shape the silhouette