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Anti Cellulite Kit By Armesso

$271.00 $200.00

ANTI-CELLULITE KIT. A combination of the most powerful Mesotherapy treatments to combat cellulite, firm your skin and shape your silhouette. Selulit * Asiatic Centella * Artichoke Plus indicated for cellulite treatments that allows the professional to use it according to the pathologies of each patient.


Anti-Cellulite Kit By Armesso

$284.00 $220.00

Anti-Cellulite Kit by Armesso. Combination of three powerful products for effective treatment against cellulite. Artichoke, Selulit and Trial.


Artichoke & Caffeine Reductive Treatment

$150.00 $127.00

Artichoke and Caffeine by Dermclar is a perfect and balanced combination of two excellent products to eliminate the rebellious and localized fat.Combining these products in a single treatment will eliminate that localized fat in less time, managing to shape the silhouette


Artichoke & Messolipo Pack By Armesso

$190.00 $167.00

Use the benefits of Artichoke Plus By Armesso and Potentiality your treatment with Messolipo By Armesso to get your figure molded, a rebellious free abdomen localized and tone your muscles.

CeluFlash By Nacional Stetic


CeluFlash By Nacional Stetic is an ideal product to treat cellulite, since it has active ingredients, mainly enzymatic products, which seek to correct every problem of that entity.