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Anti Cellulite Kit By Armesso

$271.00 $200.00

ANTI-CELLULITE KIT. A combination of the most powerful Mesotherapy treatments to combat cellulite, firm your skin and shape your silhouette. Selulit * Asiatic Centella * Artichoke Plus indicated for cellulite treatments that allows the professional to use it according to the pathologies of each patient.


Anti-Cellulite Kit By Armesso

$284.00 $220.00

Anti-Cellulite Kit by Armesso. Combination of three powerful products for effective treatment against cellulite. Artichoke, Selulit and Trial.

Asian Centella By Armesso


The Asian Centella Solution By Armesso is a specialized treatment to combat cellulitis phase I and II, edematous cellulitis, scars, stretch marks, varicocele, and circulatory problems. 

Enzy Dermik Enzymes Cocktail Localized Fat – Cellulite


Enzy Dermik By Medidermik Enzymes Cocktail Localized Fat is a new biotechnology advancement for the improvement of body contour. It uses three enzymes (lipase, collagenase, and hyaluronisade) that help improve the aspect of cellulite, sagging skin, and adiposities.

L-Carnitine By Dermclar


L-Carnitine By Dermclar is called the fat-eating molecule as it is indicated to transport fat to the power plants of the body to allow for more weight loss, thus, improving cellulite and recovering more energy.