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ANTIOB Vaccine Anti Obesity By Nacional Stetic


ANTIOB Vaccine By Nacional Stetic  is a product used to reduce fat and body weight. A serum provides specific amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals that allow correcting the metabolism to help lose weight.

Derm Obes By Dermclar


Derm Obes By Dermclar is an integral solution for the treatment of localized obesity, reducing body volume and providing hydration and firming to the skin. Increased ability to exercise, physical work and better sports performance.

L-Carnitine By Armesso


L-Carnitine By Armesso  is called the fat-eating molecule due to its ability to transport the fats to the power plants allowing one to lose weight, improve cellulite and recover more energy.

L-Carnitine By Dermclar


L-Carnitine By Dermclar is called the fat-eating molecule as it is indicated to transport fat to the power plants of the body to allow for more weight loss, thus, improving cellulite and recovering more energy.

L-Carnitine By Nacional Stetic


L-Carnitine, It acts as a vehicle that mobilizes and transports the accumulated fats in their reserve places to drive them inside the cells and “burn them”.

Nova Body Line Aminoacids – Firming By Denova


Nova Body Line Aminoacids – Firming By Denova is a combination of 4 ingredients that reaffirm, tone and improve the elasticity of the skin.The main function of the Rutin is to protect the blood capillaries that supply nutrients and eliminate waste from the tissues favoring micro-circulation.