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Artichoke & Messolipo Pack By Armesso

$190.00 $167.00

Use the benefits of Artichoke Plus By Armesso and Potentiality your treatment with Messolipo By Armesso to get your figure molded, a rebellious free abdomen localized and tone your muscles.

Derm Obes By Dermclar


Derm Obes By Dermclar is an integral solution for the treatment of localized obesity, reducing body volume and providing hydration and firming to the skin. Increased ability to exercise, physical work and better sports performance.


Fat Reduction Treatment By Medidermik

$201.50 $190.00

Fat Reduction Treantement By Medidermik is a perfect combination of three powerful mesotherapy serums to lose weight. L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylcholine, Artichoke and Organic Silicium

Fosfa Slim By Nacional Stetic


Fosfa Slim By Nacional Stetic

Fat burner, which thanks to its natural components and organic silicon reduces and tones at the same time. It can be used in jowls, marking of arms, back, between leg and cellulite.


Localized Fat Kit By Armesso

$281.00 $246.00

Leciplus, Messolipo, Organic Silicium By Armesso is a perfect and balanced combination of three powerful products to eliminate unruly and localized fat, shape the silhouette. Leciplus, Messolipo and Organic Silicium

Modelmetik Lecithin Phosphatidylcholine By Denova


ModelMetik By Denova Phosphatidylcholine and Lecithine cocktail to body molding, reducing treatment, rebellious and localized adiposities.

Abdomen, waist and flanks, hips, buttocks, inner thigh and knees. Also the pre-axillary, the inner part of the arm.

Phosphatidylcholine (50ml) By Dermclar


Phosphatidylcholine By Dermclar helps to reduce the localized fat in different parts of the body. Activates blood circulation, reduce accumulations of fat, and inhibit the conversion of adipocities.