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Ascordermic World Dermic Vitamin C


Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a potent antioxidant because of its ability to neutralize free radicals, helping to prevent and reduce oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet radiation radicals.

Cellucent C Firming Anti-Oxidant By Denova


Cellucent C Firming Anti-Oxidant By Denova. Compound with; vitamin C, organic silicon and aciática centella.

Helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen strengthening structural support and skin elasticity improving muscle tone, these two properties help in maintaining the skin’s firmness.

Metodo UP By Dermclar



Excellent combination of 5 Dermclar products, to improve the appearance of the buttocks, improving the shape making them look rounder, firmer, more voluminous due to the lifting effect that this treatment provides. Also improving the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

Model Up Reaffirming & Toning By Denova


Model Up By Denova. Combination of three powerful mesotherapy products to re-affirm and tone the skin. Improves the appearance of the skin, tones the contour of the muscles and has a lifting action.


Skin Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik

$229.00 $219.00

Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik is a powerful combination of three effective mesotherapy products to prevent sagging skin. Piruvate, Centella, L-Carnitina, Vitamin C and DMAE.

Vitamin C 50 By Denova


Vitamin C 50 By Denova

Vitamin C is one of the most important and provides our body with a significant number of advantages

Vitamin C By Dermclar


VITAMINE C By Dermclar (ascorbic acid) is essential in the formation of collagen,present in the connective tissue(fibrous tissue) due to its property to simulate the collagen formation from fribroblastus.