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+Plendor UP & Gluteox Brazilian Buttocks Lift


+Plendor Up By Dermclar & Gluteox By Armesso is a perfect and effective combination of two excellent products that will show off your spectacular buttocks. Using these two products, you will get elevation, firmness, size, figure and contour.

AA Essential Amino Acids HGH By Denova


AA Essential By Denova repairs tissues, production of red blood cells strengthening the immune system, strengthens the production of norepinephrine (strengthens synapses) Precursor of the growth hormone HGH.

Age Factor By Armesso


Age Factor improves the appearance of the skin making it look more attractive. A regenerating product promotes the formation and repairs of the Extracellular Matrix.

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Alga Cafe Gel Goldline


Treatment for adiposity, flaccidity and cellulite

Mask that fights cellulite, metabolizes lipids, reduces water retention and provides rest to the legs by activating the micro circulation.

Ampelopsin 1% By Dermclar


Ampelopsin By Dermclar Aesthetic Solution It is an ideal product in the treatment and prevention of cellulite and also in the treatment of generalized and localized fat reduction.

Anti Cellulite Kit By Armesso


ANTI-CELLULITE KIT. A combination of the most powerful Mesotherapy treatments to combat cellulite, firm your skin and shape your silhouette. Selulit * Asiatic Centella * Artichoke Plus indicated for cellulite treatments that allows the professional to use it according to the pathologies of each patient.




Ideal Complement for All Types of Massages, Prevents and Reduces Cellulite, Reduces Measures, Stimulates Blood Circulation, Has A Draining and Decongestant Effect. Daily Use for Prevention and Correction of Cellulite.