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LipoFace OB & LipoFace V Double Chin Treatment


Visibly improves the facial contour and double chin by combining these two amazing products formulated to burn the fat around the chin and tone the skin getting the V-Shaping effect. Redefining and giving firmness to the chin.

Localized Fat Kit By Armesso


Perfect and balanced combination of three powerful products to eliminate unruly and localized fat, shape the silhouette. Leciplus, Messolipo and Organic Silicium

Metodo UP By Dermclar



Excellent combination of 5 Dermclar products, to improve the appearance of the buttocks, improving the shape making them look rounder, firmer, more voluminous due to the lifting effect that this treatment provides. Also improving the appearance of the skin, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

Muscle Striated By Nacional Stetic


Muscle Striated  is a state-of-the-art striated muscle bio stimulant protein, which quickly allows toning, such as the buttocks, leg (quadriceps), Arms (biceps), Abdomen, achieving also increase in size in the applied parts.