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Fosfa Slim By Nacional Stetic


Fosfa Slim By Nacional Stetic

Fat burner, which thanks to its natural components and organic silicon reduces and tones at the same time. It can be used in jowls, marking of arms, back, between leg and cellulite.

Gel Lipoblue Advance Powerful Reducing Gel


The Slimming Gel of Lipoblue Advance is a powerful gel, which will help you to eliminate localized fat. It is the perfect complement for those who are also consuming Lipoblue, Lipoblue Advance or the burner of your choice.

It will help you to firm and tone the skin and muscles, giving a better appearance and texture.

Gel Sauna “Hot Gel” Goldine


GOLDINE GEL SAUNA HOT is a thermal gel specially formulated to reduce accumulations of localized fat, its ingredients generate heat effect in the treated area facilitating perspiration, causing the body to eliminate fat deposits.

Gel Xtreme Liquid Gel


GEL XTREME It is the only Liquid Fat Burner specialized for men and women, which efficiently fights localized fat in the most difficult areas of the body. Acts without the need of Diet and Exercise Thanks to its essential ingredients of double action they manage to eliminate fat, tone the body and help to reinforce the drainage of the fat to be eliminated.

L-Carnitine By Armesso


L-Carnitine By Armesso  is called the fat-eating molecule due to its ability to transport the fats to the power plants allowing one to lose weight, improve cellulite and recover more energy.

L-Carnitine By Dermclar


L-Carnitine By Dermclar is called the fat-eating molecule as it is indicated to transport fat to the power plants of the body to allow for more weight loss, thus, improving cellulite and recovering more energy.

L-Carnitine By Nacional Stetic


L-Carnitine, It acts as a vehicle that mobilizes and transports the accumulated fats in their reserve places to drive them inside the cells and “burn them”.

Lecitin Reduction By Nacional Stetic


Lecitine Reduction By Nacional Stetic is a powerful cocktail that combines the reducing action of Lecithin and L-Carnitine with the draining and detoxifying action of Artichoke, eliminating that stubborn fat more efficiently and helping to achieve a slim silhouette in less time.