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Pepto Max By Nacional Stetic


Peptomax By National Stetic is a natural nutrient solution that activates the growth and repair of muscle fibers.

It helps tone and improve the volume of the muscles in the buttocks.

Phosphatidylcholine (50ml) By Dermclar


Phosphatidylcholine By Dermclar helps to reduce the localized fat in different parts of the body. Activates blood circulation, reduce accumulations of fat, and inhibit the conversion of adipocities. 

Procaine 2%


La procaina bloquea tanto la iniciación como la conducción de los impulsos nerviosos mediante la disminucion de la permeabilidad de la membrana neural

Reaffirming Gel By Goldine



Restores body tissues, ideal for cold body wrap, tightens the skin, reduces cellulite, can be used as occlusive seal in a treatment, product of daily use.

Rocket Max Ultra Boost Testosterone – Just For Men


Contains an all-natural but powerful ingredients that helps you achieve a ripped body that you desire.  100% pure and doesn’t have additives and fillers to avoid any kind of complications later on. This product is proven to increase muscle mass by 25%, 54% faster than other products, and burned 27% more fat than any competitors.


Skin Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik

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Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik is a powerful combination of three effective mesotherapy products to prevent sagging skin. Piruvate, Centella, L-Carnitina, Vitamin C and DMAE.

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Smart Sweat Redu Shaper For Women


Redushaper the sauna shirt will make you sweat a lot, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your physical endurance, detoxify your immune system and increase flexibility, thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.