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Skin Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik

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Flaccidity Treatment By Medidermik is a powerful combination of three effective mesotherapy products to prevent sagging skin. Piruvate, Centella, L-Carnitina, Vitamin C and DMAE.

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Smart Sweat Redu Shaper For Women


Redushaper the sauna shirt will make you sweat a lot, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your physical endurance, detoxify your immune system and increase flexibility, thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Solution With Seaweed Extract By Denova


Solution With Seaweed Extract By Denova is a solution composed of marine algae to combat and reduce cellulite. The seaweed nourish the skin with proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins that when absorbed by the skin

TR7 Reaffiming Solution


TR7 Reffirming Solution is an Integral effect cosmetic formula that provides elasticity and firmness to the dermis by containing a plant complex of dermoactive herbaceous extracts