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Biodespigmentant X350 By Armesso


The bio-depigmentant X350 is an excellent combination that inhibit the formation of melanin avoiding the appearance of blemishes and lightening the existing ones.

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Caffeinedermic Caffeine World Dermic


Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and autonomic xanthine sympathomimetic.

In topical application, it increases the breakdown of fats in the adipocyte and stimulates microcirculation, drainage and diuresis the tissue so the surface of the skin becomes soft and smooth.

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Carnitidermic L-Carnitina World Dermic


L-Carnitine is called the fat-eating molecule due to its ability to transport the fats to the power plants allowing one to lose weight, improve cellulite and recover more energy. Recommended for high performance athletes

Cellucent C Firming Anti-Oxidant


Compound with; vitamin C, organic silicon and aciática centella.

Helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen strengthening structural support and skin elasticity improving muscle tone, these two properties help in maintaining the skin’s firmness.

Cynadermic Artichoke World Dermic


New line of mesotherapy for professional use or topical use, micro needling and with other devices.

Treatment for obesity, cellulite, fluid retention, detox and post-surgical treatments.

Also acts on the kidney and urea metabolism: increasing diuresis and concentration in urea of ​​the kidney and stimulation of uro-hepatic genesis.